Privacy policy

At KOSA BEAUTY, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our clients, as well as those who visit our website. Our team at KOSA BEAUTY  includes people who use and access other websites, so we truly appreciate and respect your privacy. If you have any questions about how we protect your information, please write an email to

For all of our services, KOSA BEAUTY  is the data controller responsible for protecting your privacy. Let us explain the data we use and why we need it.

Your name and contact details:

  • To process your orders
  • To send you information via email or text message, and to keep you updated about promotions and when you can expect your order to arrive.
  • To prevent and detect fraud, which is essential for better operation.
  • To ensure that we offer products that you like, and remain your shop.

Your date of birth:

  • To verify that you are of legal age
  • To prevent and detect fraud

Payment information:

  • To collect payments and make refunds
  • To comply with our contract with you, as we are an online company
  • To prevent and detect fraud

Contact history with us:

  • To provide better customer service
  • To train our staff to provide better service when you get in touch with us

Purchase history and saved products:

  • To suggest products you might be interested in
  • To provide customer service and assistance, including returns
  • To ensure that we offer products that you like, and remain your shop

Information on accounts linked to us:

  • To make it easier for you to access our website without creating an account (direct link via social networks)
  • To offer recommendations on products so that you can easily find what you like

Your survey responses, quizzes, and promotions:

  • To conduct surveys, quizzes, or promotions

IP address, browser, and operating system:

  • To develop marketing tasks via email

You do not need to give us any personal information, but if you do not, you may be unable to buy from our website and your shopping experience with us may not be the best. It is up to you, and we respect your decision. We are dedicated to selling products that you like, and without your information, we would not be able to offer our services, send your order, or collect your payment. In summary, we would be unable to provide personal attention to you. Our commitment to you will always be to keep your data safe. We also anonymize personal information and group it so that you cannot be identified. We use this information for different purposes, such as testing our computer systems and for research and data analysis tasks, to improve our website and develop new products and services. We also share this information with third parties.

USE OF PAYMENT PLATFORMS: As an online shop, we work with payment platforms and processors to help us process your orders. We have sought the best platforms on the market, provided with security features. These platforms make the same effort as we do to provide you with a good service and to keep your data safe.

Shopify deals with all processes including marketing, payment, safe transactions, and shipping. Its privacy policy can be found here:

Stripe allows users to process charges and store payment information safely. It provides a smooth payment experience from mobile phones and desktop devices. Its privacy policy can be found here:

PayPal is a payment method that links your credit card to your PayPal account. To make a payment, simply log in to your account using your email and password, choose the credit card you want to pay with. Its privacy policy can be found here:


Our shop has profiles on various social networks, including Facebook, Instagram (the “Social Networks”). They have been created with the main purpose of advertising the products and services of our shop.

Clients and users may join the groups and profiles we have on social networks. Users who become followers of any of these groups or profiles, showing their interest in the information which might come up in such a social network, accept the Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy of the relevant social network.

We may have access to and deal with the public information of the user, especially their contact name. The user may access the privacy policy of the relevant social network at any time and set their profile to guarantee their privacy.


We will carry out the following actions:

  • Access the public information of your profile.
  • Post information on the user's profile upon request from the user, which has been previously published on our website.
  • Send private messages using the channels of the social network if permitted.
  • Update the status of the page, which will be shown on the user's profile.

The user will at all times control their connections, deleting the content they are not interested in. The user may also amend and restrict who they share their connections with by checking their private settings.

We work with Google Analytics only to access certain statistical information such as sex, age, country. This helps us show you what you are looking for.


We reserve the right to organize quizzes, promotions, and raffles, in which users following the page may decide to participate. If organized via a social network, the regulations of such events shall be published on it, in conformity with current applicable law.


We may use social networks to advertise our products and services. If we decide to deal with your contact information to carry out direct commercial research tasks, we will comply with current provisions in force and with the rules of the platform itself.

Below you will find a direct link to the privacy policy of the social networks:

Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: YouTube: Google+: Instagram: Pinterest:


If any clause of these Conditions of Use becomes null and void, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and construed taking into consideration the wills of the parties and the purpose of such Conditions of Use.

If KOSA BEAUTY  fails to require compliance with any of the rights emerging from these Conditions of Use, this shall not be interpreted as a waiver of such right, except in the case of express waiver (in written form) by KOSA BEAUTY  or if the pertinent action, as might be applicable, becomes time-barred.


KOSA BEAUTY  reserves the right to modify, at any time and with no prior warning, the layout and setting of the website and/or apps, along with the Conditions of Use and the Privacy and Cookies Policy.

These Conditions of Use shall always be available to users and clients, in a visible spot, for them to access them as many times as they like. Clients and users must carefully read the Conditions of Use. In any case, accepting the Conditions of Use in force at the time being will be an essential condition to contract any product or service via our website or apps.


All the communications between KOSA BEAUTY  and the Client, in connection with these Conditions of Use, shall be made through the online communications sending route if available or by email to

The communications between KOSA BEAUTY and the Client, in connection with the purchase of products and services, may be made through various means such as email, social networks, and WhatsApp.


At KOSA BEAUTY, we are always working to provide you with the best service, in compliance with applicable law. Therefore, we have mobilized a qualified team that will be in charge of implementing and protecting your personal information, according to the EU Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

For more information on this new legislation that came into force on May 25, 2018, please visit: